Joanne....Then & Now

My High School portrait....1980'sYup, this was the standard for its time. (yawn)

Me....Now!See how much happier I am having my picture taken?

I discovered the magic of photography when my parents gave me my first camera for my 8th birthday.  It was a Kodak something-or-other, with disposable flash bulbs. Within a dozen or so rolls of film, I realized that if I could combine creativity with timing, I could capture a 'story' in just one photograph. I was hooked!

My parents continued to feed my photography interests, and gave me my first ‘serious’ camera for my high school graduation gift.  And I confess that I’m really surprised with my 18-year-old self…my yearbook quote still rings true, especially when it is applied to photography:  "We do not remember days...we remember moments." 

The yearbook photo?  Well, that’s an entirely different matter.  Even if you can ignore the 1980’s hair and clothes (go ahead, laugh if you must), you can’t help but see a very generic and static photo.  I can assure you that the photograph does NOT tell my high school story!

Whether you are considering professional photography for your high school graduation, your engagement, an anniversary, an upcoming family reunion, or your annual holiday cards, I can help you interpret and express the uniqueness of your story, your life, your moment.    


Imagine the moment.

Capture the memory.


Joanne Myszkowski

Portraiture photography based in Southeastern Connecticut,

but happy to travel to the ends of the earth.